Jeramy has spoken to thousands of adolescents and families about hope, passion, and purpose. 

Jeramy was an All-American linebacker at Western Oregon University, and a high school football coach for 15 years. He was named “Citizen of the Year” in 2011 by the Keizer, Oregon Chamber of Commerce. He has been voted 'Most Inspirational' on every sports team he has ever played on.

Jeramy's mission is to compel, love, and inspire adolescents and families toward hope and wholeness in Jesus Christ and in His Kingdom. Jeramy is President of the non-profit Outreach Inc.  He also serves as an adjunct teacher at Trevecca University in Nashville.

Jeramy recently completed a Masters's degree in Spiritual Formation at George Fox seminary. He pursued this degree because he wanted new spiritual tools for a deeper spiritual journey. 

After 16 years of marriage to Araya Sunshine, he more grateful than ever that he "married out of his league."Jeramy and Araya's four children are Gracelyn (9), Lydia (7), Abby (6), and Tekoa (2). They keep him laughing, running, coaching, helping with homework, and changing diapers.

 It is Araya Sunshine and these four gifts from God that challenge and inspire him daily.

He and his family are affectionately known as “Team Williams” and they moved from Salem, Oregon to Franklin, Tennessee in 2015.